Holiday Village

Ukonjärvi Holiday Village is located about 10 km north of Ivalo.

Below, you will find a list of our cabins, a map of the holiday village, and pictures of the area. Further down, there are some tips for activities outside the cabins!

Cabin types

Accommodation Persons Size Seasons available
Cabins D1-D6 4+2 69 m²
Lower cabin 4 53 m²
Rooms H1-H4 2 18 m²
Cabins A1-A2 2+2 23 m²
Cabins B1-B3 2+1 14 m²




You can get to us in any way – day or night… The most leisurely visitors come on foot or simply by hiking, while the faster ones use various means of transportation, such as cars, airplanes, trains (up to Rovaniemi), and some have even arrived by boat.

You can first fly to Ivalo, for example, on a passenger plane, and then come from the airport by taxi to our place, or take an air taxi directly to our own dock, just as you wish.

Buses from Rovaniemi reach us in a few hours, there are daily flights from Helsinki, and you can always get here by your own car, as our roads are well-plowed – especially in the winter…

What to do?

Ukonjärvi is located amidst nature on the shore of the clear-watered Ukonjärvi. In summer, the midnight sun can be seen beautifully over the lake, and in winter, of course, the spectacular Northern Lights. The surrounding terrain is easy-to-navigate forest, where you can easily spot reindeer and sometimes even moose. On calm days, you can see fish jumping in the lake, catching mosquitoes.

Towards the end of summer, nature offers its best. With the rain, mushrooms grow as food for both reindeer and humans. The endless days of summer have ripened the berries, and the forest glows red with lingonberries. There’s plenty to do for those who are active, such as the following:

Our location on the shore of Ukonjärvi allows our guests to enjoy sauna sessions in the beach sauna, swimming, rowing, and independent fishing. Everyman’s rights enable the enjoyment of nature, forest walks, berry picking, and mushrooming, as long as we remember to respect the living environment of others.

Our location, far from population centers and light pollution, provides excellent opportunities to see the Northern Lights in the winter.

We can provide more information about the area’s paid program and other services upon request.

Where to go?

For those arriving by car, Ukonjärvi is an excellent place to make various day trips.


Lake Ukonjärvi

Near us, there are many interesting places, such as Lake Ukonjärvi itself, which is part of Finland’s second-largest lake, Lake Inari. Ukonjärvi is part of the Paatsjoki river basin, which flows into the Arctic Ocean, meaning that Ukonjärvi shares its waters with the Atlantic and even the Amazon… In Ukonjärvi, you can fish in both summer and winter.


Just a stone’s throw away from Ukonjärvi Holiday Village is the Sovintovaara viewpoint, which offers breathtaking views over Ukonjärvi and Lake Inari. In the summer, you can hike to Sovintovaara or drive there on the “serpentine road” with your own car. In winter, it’s accessible by skiing or snowmobile.


Ivalo is the central locality of the municipality of Inari, and it is located 10 km from us. In Ivalo, you can find supermarkets, a post office, a pharmacy, a health center, Alko (the Finnish alcohol retailer), among others. Ivalo has a population of just over 3,000.

A little further...


Heading north from Ukonjärvi, the first destination is Inari, which is 30 km away. Inari is the center of Sámi culture, and the most important place to visit there is the Sámi Museum Siida. Boat cruises to Ukonsaari are also organized from the village of Inari.


East of Ivalo, along the Petsamo road, is the village of Nellim, a meeting place of three cultures. It is about 40 km from Ivalo and approximately 50 km from Ukonjärvi. There, you can find an Orthodox church. The bridge over the Paatsjoki river leads to the Kessi wilderness area.

Even further...


From the village of Lemmenjoki, you can take a boat ride up the Ivalo River, and at the end of the boat trip, hikers can wander into the gold mining areas to observe gold diggers working with traditional or modern methods…


The Kaamanen birdwatching tower is a great place in spring to observe migratory birds returning from more southern regions. There is a good quality road leading to the bird tower from the main road, and the intersection has clear signage.


The road to the Skolt Sámi village of Sevettijärvi, on the way to Northern Norway, passes through picturesque landscapes. From Sevettijärvi, it’s just a short hop to places like Kirkenes in Norway.


Karigasniemi, on the side of Utsjoki municipality, is one hundred and fifty kilometers away from Lake Ukonjärvi, and this way you can most comfortably get to know Norway and Nordkapp.


It’s about a two-hour drive from Lake Ukonjärvi to Utsjoki. The road to Utsjoki is of very high quality. There is much to see in Utsjoki, and a special landmark is the Sámi Bridge, which leads over the magnificent Teno River to Norway.


To see Norway and be enchanted – that’s it. Even in midsummer, the snow-capped mountains and mirror-like fjords attract millions of tourists from around the world every year. And not without reason! Northern Norway is one of the world’s most beautiful areas, right after Lake Ukonjärvi…